Hello wordpress!:)

i decided to create a new blog here at wordpress. i used to post at blogdrive, livejournal & multiply. i also made an account at blogpost but i was too lazy to maintain those accounts.  like really.. lazy… i seldom post an entry.

so i want to start anew. 🙂

i want to update this blog as much as i can.

i want to post some informative entries. and also fangirling stuff here. =D

in my old site at blogdrive(2004-2009), the posts were all about fandom (from tvxq to super junior). i was re-reading some old entries and kept laughing at my own posts cause it’s really childish and full of crap.

i want to keep that crap but be mature on my posts as well.

hehe. i’ll be using taglish, too since i’m not that good in english :\ … XD

first entry. mm, that’s all i have to say for now.

here’s a screencap of ‘gao xing’ in My MVP Valentine:

*hint for my next post ;)*

the cool but ill-tempered 'Gao Xing' played by Gao Tian Qi in 'My MVP Valentine/MVP Qing Ren'

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