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WGM 100918

i said in my previous entry that i’ll post something about MVP (the gaoxing screencap hint lol) but i’ll skip it and talk about WGM latest ep( as of now) the episode where Adam Couple meets Khuntoria Couple meets Yongseo Couple! Haha. I just started watching it and i’m still around 10:45 of the first part but i am already spazzing like mad. As in. The couples are sooooooo cute. Just them sitting on the bus and having fun (with Jungshin chingoo on the side) it’s really a triple date!! ♥ Now imma continue to watch it.
here’s the first part:
100918 WGM E50 1/5 Adam/Khuntoria/Yongseo (no eng subs yet)

oops! spoilers:
Jungshin(CN Blue) chingoo acted out as the MC for the episode. *he’s just too cute! Avatar jungshin!! hahah i think WGM staff love jungshin. they always have him on the show lol* the 3 couple reminds me of the WG season 1 couples!

Yongseo/Sweet Potato couple(Jung Yong Hwa & Seohyun) = Ssangchu/Lettuce Couple (Kim Hyun Joong & Hwangbo)

both couple won the wrestling game! 😀 and they’re awkward at first (at the earlier eps) but get along with each other as time passes by. plus Yonghwa’s role (Kang Shinwoo) in You’re Beautiful reminds me of Hyunjoong’s character (Yoo Ji Hoo) in Boys Before Flowers

; Khuntoria couple (Nickhun & Victoria) = Alshin couple (Alex & Shin Ae)

they’re like… perfect?! just like alshin. 🙂 nickhun has muscular body just like alex and how he protects victoria reminds me of the alshin couple. totally romantic.

; Adam couple (Jo Kwon & Gain) = Ant Couple (Crown J & Seo in young)

funny couple! jo kwon is hilarious just like crown j while seo in young & gain’s attitude i think is a bit similar.

i’m loving this horror special episode because.. lots of skinship from yongseo! biased. i really love the yongseo couple ♥

100918 WGM 3/5 lost of Yongseo skinship


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