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My MVP Valentine = Slam dunk?

i’ve read an entry about My MVP Valentine & Slam Dunk somewhere where the author tried to compare the characters of MVP & SD, also saying that My MVP Valentine might be the live action series of Slam Dunk, but also a bit far from it. I, and also my siblings, thought about it, too, when we first watched it way back 2004. We were big fans of the anime’ and when we learned that a series that featured basketball will be shown in GMA7, we were pretty excited about it. And throughout the series, we keep on thinking & discussing similar things about My MVP Valentine & Slam Dunk. MVP focuses more on the drama rather than the action in the court. The most obvious similarity of MVP & SD is the list of characters.

Tian Yu Xi / Xiao xi (played by Angela Zhang ) & Haruko Akagi

– lead girl of the story
– loves basketball a lot
– likes the ace player
– was the reason for Sakuragi/Tai Zi to learn basketball and join the team
– even if Xiao xi likes basketball a lot, she doesn’t play the game unlike Haruko who plays it well ,better from Sakuragi at first. lol

Xiao Xi & Ayako

-basketball team manager
-tomboyish? =)) *DJ kept on saying that Xiao Xi doesn’t act girlish*
-one of the basketball player’s love interest (Miyagi loves Ayako ♥)
-Xiao xi doesn’t train the newbie Tai zi (just like how Ayako was determined on training Sakuragi with basics) but she was only teaching him what to do in ep7 when he had one-on-one match with Gao xing.

Duan Chen Feng (played by Johnny Yen) & Kaede Rukawa

– team’s ace player
– chen feng had the nickname ‘liu chen feng'(rukawa’s name in chinese) because of his great basketball skills

-unlike Rukawa who doesn’t mind about other things, Chenfeng also likes Xiao xi. He became Xiaoxi’s boyfriend.

Tai zi/ Liu Hua (played by Tony Sun) & Hanamitchi Sakuragi

– joined the team because of a girl he likes
– personality and status :]

Gao Xing (played by Gao Tian Qi) & Hisashi Mitsui

– an MVP when he was still in junior high who has great playing skills. He stopped playing basketball because his kneecap was injured. From then on, he became a bully in school and claiming that he hates basketball and will try to ruin everything connected with it. He joined the basketball team again because of his realization that he still loves playing the sport and also with the influence of the coach.
[i think Gao xing’s character is the most similar to the character of Mitsui in the anime’]

Gao Xing & Ryota Miyagi

– very skilled point guard player.
– he’s great at dribbling and assisting.

Hei Xiong & Takenori Akagi

– position in the game : center
– captain of the team? (not really sure about this)

Tian Ji & Kiminobu Kogure

– nerdy type
– always wearing glasses

Hei Xong & Tian Ji are the only two left on the team just like Akagi & Kogure who remained loyal to Shohoku basketball team.

Dj (played by Jason Hsu) & Hanamitchi Sakuragi

– almost quit the basketball team

Sha Shou / Kang Yong (played by Zax Wang) & Hisashi Mitsui

– good at 3pt shots ^^

Qi Sui & Shohoku

– before, the basketball team appeared to be the weakest in the high school basketball league due to lack of players but became one of the strongest team throughout the series.

Yun Shang & Ryonan High

– Qi Sui/Shohoku’s competitor. In the series/anime’, they played 2 times against each other. The first one is the practice game where Yun Shang/Ryonan High won while the 2nd game is the actual basketball league where Qi Sui/Shohoku won.

Yongxu & Toyotama High (that only appeared in the manga)

– played using violent tactics

there are still some maybe that i failed to mention, if i’ll remember it, i’ll edit this entry. or maybe some of you who read this can share your own MVP/SD list? :]


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