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Party Pilipinas all around the world~♪

I was browsing the recent post on my FB wall when i saw this link:
Filipino netizens mad over variety show’s joke about Rain’s appearance

What the.. fish. Fellow filipinos, are you really that narrow-minded?
It was obvious that Rain won’t be appearing in Party Pilipinas because Rain already left the country few weeks ago and he only appeared on interviews and we all know that management of some hallyu stars doesn’t allow them to appear on variety shows. (except from B2ST, U-Kiss, and 4minute)

come on, you really did expect to see Rain performing on Party Pilipinas that day?
from the start, It was obviously a joke.
And i can already sense that Mark Bautista will only perform as Rain. I can see resemblance! their chinky eyes! lol

Maybe the joke was really a fail. No response from the audience, dead air. But why should we be offended of a simple joke and make it a big issue? Do you want the foreigners to make fun of us, filipinos, for expecting to watch Rain on a noon-time variety show when his concert tickets here are soooo expensive?!

Auggh. Why am i over-reacting?! i don’t know. I just want to get this out of my head. sorry to offend anyone but this IS my opinion.

I’m still gonna watch Party Pilipinas every sunday and won’t be expecting foreign acts because the talents of the artists performing there already entertains me *except for some celebs, but that is another issue.. eheh*. =D


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