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Thank you subbing team!

i am now hooked on KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal. since last week. i haven’t stop thinking about the drama & getting excited for new episodes 🙂 I’m in love with Moon Jae Shin aka Geul Oh. I can say it’s possible to fall in love with a fictional character. I fell in love with Bidam before but right now, i’m totally into Geul Oh. ♥ He’s hot, admit it or not. Everytime he’s on the scene, i can’t help but to focus my attention on him. He’s that charismatic and i just love that bad-ass attitude.He can be extremely cute at times, especially when he hiccups! 🙂 Next to Geul Oh, I also like Goo Yong Ha aka Yeo Rim. He’s really adorable. Flirty & friendly. And of course, the main characters Kim Yoon Hee aka Daemul & Lee Seon Jun aka Garang. They have chemistry, neh?i’m looking forward to more romantic scenes between them *but i also want some YoonHee/Jaeshin or YoonHee/YongHa lol*

i’m now waiting for ep 9 with subtitles to come out, but right now i’m watching the raw episodes. that’s how excited i am even if i don’t understand most of it. lol

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 9 (w/out subs)

but this post is not for sungkyunkwan. XD i’ll talk about sungkyunkwan later, for now, i want to show my appreciation on the subbing team! 🙂 i’m disappointed to those people who gets angry at subbers just because they waited long for the subs to come out. We should be grateful that they spent their time subbing the korean/japanese/chinese shows just to feed the needs of fangirls around the world and not to hate on them. And these subbers/encoders have life, too. They don’t live just to add subtitles on shows you don’t understand.

What we should do. Show your gratitude. Post a comment on the vid saying “thank you” or you appreciate their hard work. It’s not easy to translate and put subtitles on a video.Do not bash the uploader just because it is in low quality, or the grammar has a lot of errors.

Waiting a bit, won’t hurt, right? Anyways, patience is a virtue. LOL


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