EYECANDY♥ · Series (Korean)

asdfghjkl ♥

i planned to do a picspam of Yoo Ah In on his birthday (Oct 6) but then laziness attacked, i wasn’t able to accomplish it. i’ll promise to do that.. later. XD

anyways, i uploaded some of his pictures, and also pics of song joong ki in sungkyunkwan scandal in my multiply site.

here’s the link

SKKS photos at my multiply site

there’s a lot.. yes.. LOTS of pics of Moon Jae Shin. that’s how biased i am. 🙂 and i’m planning to add more soon.

as to not make this blog post empty, here’s a photo of Daemul & Geuloh in episode 14 of SKKS:

Daemul Kim Yoon Shik taking care of the injured Geuloh Moon Jae Shin and found out that he's Hong Byuk Seo (red messenger) ; credits as tagged

*i already finished watching ep13 with eng subs, and now i’m still waiting for ep14 to be uploaded. i only saw some scenes of it from the raw ep. ahh i’m excited for ep15!! so much!! 😀 i love Moon Jae Shin!! ♥


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