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i know this post is already too late, but i just wanted to add my two cents about this matter:

there has been news circulating around the net that Lee Da Hae, a famous korean actress and a hallyu star, insulted us, Filipinos, by imitating our english accent. She did the imitation in a show at KBS2TV, i don’t know the title of the show (no, i think it’s not champagne) but it’s hosted by Shin Dong Yup.

here’s the link to the video:
Famous Korean Actress Insulting Filipinos Accent in English

I don’t think she insulted us. First of all, she did it just for fun. She didn’t said that she was imitating Filipinos’ accent specifically. It was the host who said ‘Philippines’ and the producers of the show put it on subtitle and even included a Philippine flag. I believe what she said in her apology that she didn’t mean to insult the filipinos and the whole issue was blown out of proportion.

Yes, i am a filipino, but no, i’m not offended by what she’d done. It’s not because i love korea more than my own country?? no way. I love korean dramas/movies/music but I am proud to be a pure-blooded filipino. I’m not offended because i know for myself that we don’t speak that way, why would i be offended? Because they’re making fun of our accents? I would just laugh it off. I don’t think they meant harm to us.

this is written while my mind is still cloudy. and i’m not really sure what i’m writing here. well, yeah. XD

i don’t mean to offend anyone and just wanted to post my opinion about it. peace y’all.


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