EYECANDY♥ · Series (Korean)

Not a bad habit.

“If you keep doing those things, it will become a habit.”
– Moon Jae Shin.

I keep on watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and keep on searching photos & videos about it, then it became a habit.

jalgeum quartet ; credits as tagged

it ended last week. T___T;; but until now, i’m still suffering from ‘geol oh ache’ or should i call it my own ‘Moony Syndrome’. hahaha.

i actually don’t like watching kdramas online, while it’s still airing in korea. but this drama made me watch it even if there are still no subs! well, i don’t know what i really love most about this drama. heeng~

i heard news about SKKS before it was aired, because it’s Micky Yoochun’s first series, that’s why a lot of fans are anticipating the premiere of skks. but i’m not too excited about it. Yoochun’s not my favorite in TVXQ and i’m not really into sageuk dramas (except for Hong Gil Dong & Queen Seon deok!).
I didn’t pay attention to it even if i’m seeing teaser pics of yoochun in hanbok & reading comments of some of my fb friends of how excited they are to watch SKKS. i’m still hooked on QSD during those times.

September 21, 2010 – while i was searching for Kim Nam Gil/ Bidam’s photos in naver, i stumbled upon some pictures of a guy who looked a bit like bidam (rascal-looking, etc.) and it caught my interest. I clicked on it and learned that those were screencaps of ‘Geol oh Moon Jae Shin’ in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I decided to start watching the drama because i was curious of him. (maybe it’s love at first sight! chos!).

*beware, this might include some spoilers lol

Then I got hooked. First scene, I saw Park Min Young dressed up as a guy (and thought she was really cute but not really convincing as a guy unlike YEH. great thing it’s sageuk so she doesn’t have to cut her pretty long hair… ok nuff said) entering a bookstore. I saw another familiar face.. Santak of QSD! kkkkk. and then I see Song Joong ki and pooof! another eyecandy!! another reason to watch the drama!! ♥ He looks oh so good in a purple hanbok. 😀 and i just love it when he smiles cheekily =D

and the rest is history. hahah. i just can’t explain how much i love this drama.i always have this huge smile on my face ^_______^ whenever there’s a cute scene. 🙂

The cast, story, settings,costumes,  everything about this drama is soooo good. (well, at least for me XD) It is now on the top of my list of favorite korean dramas of all time. =))

I must say, because of this drama, i appreciate yoochun more. lol not that i don’t appreciate him, but he doesn’t have an appeal to me before, but i really like his lame jokes 😛 and i find him really  handsome even way back hug days. it’s just that if i have to rank tvxq, he’ll be in 4th place. awwws. now, he’s one of my fav actors. yea! his acting skills developed during the series. from quiet lame acting to a little bit lame to no more lame acting! kkk. i love his scenes when he had to cry a little, and the tears will not fall. he’s so good in those type of scenes. i can feel his emotions.

song joong ki is such a treat to the eyes! maybe his colorful costumes helps or because his personality is really jolly but everytime he’s on the scene, it’s always a fun to watch. even the scene when he’s crying and asking geuhro not to go because he might lose him. aww. i really love how he loved jaeshin so much that i think it’s not just brotherly affection anymore! hahaha! but he’s the playboy yeorim, it’s kinda cute if he’s really gay for geuhro. he keeps on flirting and touching him. LOL i remember the scene where he told seonjoon that he was once confused in his preference because of geuhro, but thanks to the red book! XD

yoonhee/yoonshik (daemul) is really adorable!! i’m glad the role goes to park minyoung because i think it suits her and she & yoochun have a great chemistry. i can’t imagine jung da young playing yoonhee and be with yoochun. i love it for park minyoung. it’s just perfect that she gets to play the role.

i also like chosun. 🙂 she’s the most elegant gisaeng for me.

moon jae shin ~ ♥ he still owns my heart up to now. i don’t know if it’s the wig, or the hiccups or the great fighting skills or the way he speaks that made me love his character..well,  maybe i love everything about him! 🙂


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