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cn to the blue

“cause i know that you’re one of a kind.. and i can’t get you out of my mind~ ♪”

i’m over being suju’s fangirl. though i still like them, very much. but i’m no longer updated and paying attention to them. maybe because they’re already too popular here in our country (lol what a lame excuse) or i miss the original suju with 13 members or i already grew tired of them? *sigh* but i still like them. i really really do.

i’m currently hooked on yongseo & C.N. Blue 😀

code name burning lovely untouchable emotional (not in particular order)

but for now, i won’t do the things that i used to do before for suju.  i won’t be joining any forum/clubs for them. i’ll spazz on my own. or i’ll spazz with a friend of mine who knows them. kkk.  it’s because, it’s one of the reasons why i lost my attention to some important things in my life.

i’ll just enjoy their music (w/c is genre that i really really like!) and read some updates about them on the internet.

i won’t be reading yaoi fanfics featuring them. haha! that would be sooooo awkward. i can’t imagine them being loveydovey like how i imagined suju XD i can’t pair them up with each other. even if i see yonghwa & jonghyun, the busan brothers, are sometimes affectionate  (ep22 of yongseo, jonghyun’s feeding yonghwa). i still see them just as brothers. there’s no semeXuke pair in cnblue for me, unlike in suju. ROFL. *waves kangteuk flag. yup, i’m still faithful with my OTP* i can only see yong with seohyun. bwahahahha. yesss. yongseo ftw ♥

i’m still contemplating if i should buy their album online… hmm. maybe in the future. 😀

i love their songs. i fell in love with jonghyun’s voice in eclipse. =) lovelight reminds me of yongseo. ‘i don’t know why’, i love the tune but i can’t understand the lyrics sometimes lol, i like LOVE and of course, I’m a Loner which is played on my phone repeatedly. But my favorite song of them is ‘One of a Kind’. ^^

my favorite member is lovely, kang minhyuk ♥ he’s cute. the nickname lovely fits him. he’s so cool when he’s playing the drums. especially when he twirls it. lol and oh, i’m a noona fan. so what? he’s my apple of the eye in the band. hahah. me & yonghwa are of the same age, i like him too but he’s just next to minhyuk. XD

if someone ask me as of now who’s my favorite group, it’s definitely C.N. Blue ^^


2 thoughts on “cn to the blue

  1. oh! sorry! i forgot to mention jungshin chingoo! O.O my bad, but i really like him too 🙂 he’s cute and funny. haha. i love when he raps too, (especially when he raps in L.O.V.E girl live performances with matching raising of eyebrows. ㅋㅋㅋ

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