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Yong & Hyun’s story

watching yongseo cuts on wgm is like watching a kdrama/kmovie/romantic comedy series. but for yongseo, the two of them are the writers of their own screenplay (maybe with the help of WGM PDs and writers) but the conversations & scenarios are real. maybe that’s the reason why i got hooked with this couple. their story is like Goong/Princess Hours + Boys over Flowers + You’re Beautiful and other idol drama, combined into 1 story.

the cover of Jung Yong Hwa's single w/c i think is inspired from Yongseo LOL

Yongseo has the elements of a kdrama/movie.

seohyun's awkward but extremely cute wink

the lead girl: Seohyun. She’s pure & innocent. never been kissed & hugged by a guy. never been in love. she’s smart and loves to read books. she’s honest and stands by her principle in life. she’s good at singing and dancing and playing the piano. she’s not your ordinary girl. While other girls are swooning over cute guys & beastly males with strong biceps and six-packed abs, she stays faithful to being in love with sweet potatoes, Keroro, Chiaki Sempai & Johnny Depp. A lot of guys are considering her as their ideal girl. but she ain’t perfect. she also has some flaws. she’s a little bit clumsy and stubborn. she whines a lot. but overall, she can make you fall in love with her looks & personality.


yonghwa's adorable wink (icanstareatthisforamilliontimeslol)

the lead guy: Yonghwa. he’s handsome and charismatic. the lead vocalist of the rock band CN Blue. he played the role of Kang Shinwoo in You’re Beautiful. he’s good at singing and playing the guitar. he knows when to have fun and when to get serious. he’s a matured hyung to his dongsaengs but can also be childish at times. he’s known as ‘yong choding’ (elementary kid Yong). he already stated a lot of girls (Ueno Juri, Sulli, Tiffany, etc.) as his ideal, but for him ‘ideal is just an ideal’.

they met but didn’t fell in love at first sight.

they were paired by WGM PDs because both of them didn’t state on their interview whom they wish to be paired with. they met for the first time in the lobby of MBC building. Yonghwa made Jungshin to pretend that he’s seohyun’s husband then eventually made seohyun choose among the 4 of them whom she liked to be her husband if she had a choice. Seohyun chose Yonghwa which made Yonghwa very happy. kkk. it was obvious that they were somehow attracted to each other but that doesn’t mean they’re already in love. Their first meeting is awkward but cute.

Just like in the dramas/movies, the lead guy is not in love with the lead girl in the beginning, but instead, he’s in love with someone else. in this yongseo story, let us think of Taeyeon as the girl that the lead guy (yong) loves. [In ep 1, when Seohyun asked Yonghwa what his first impression of her, he said it was his first time paying attention to seohyun because taeyeon was his favorite in SNSD, he said he likes taeyeon’s personality. hah. liar yong~ i know taengoo’s your favorite but i don’t think it’s just on your first meeting that you look at seohyun closely. =P]but unlike in dramas, the 2nd lead girl is not a bitch and she’s very very kind to the lead girl since they’re sisters. maybe we can compare her to Teng Tang Chin of Meteor Garden (but she’s not the 2nd lead there). She doesn’t go after the lead guy and she’s like an older sister of the lead girl.

The second lead guy shouldn’t be missing in this story. And that’s Jinwoon of 2AM. He’s a regular commentator on the program and i bet it’s sad for him to see his ideal girl/crush marrying another guy. But instead of sulking because he didn’t get the girl, he became friends with the both of them. and sometimes, the reason of lead guy’s jealousy lol


i’ll continue this on another post.. later or tomorrow or soon. XD


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