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to those ‘i-want-yonghwa-for-myself’ fans:


to those ‘i-want-yonghwa-for-myself’ fans:

please, stop calling seohyun ‘that snsd girl’! for fsake, she has a name! just because you don’t want her to be with your yonghwa oppa, you forgot how to respect. that’s rude, what you’re doing. isn’t it enough to say lots of rude words about her, you keep on bashing her, then you don’t even call her by her name! wtf. so immature. then you keep on saying she doesn’t suit yonghwa. then who do you think suits him? you? are you kidding me? does he even know you exist? >.>

i love yonghwa. as of now, he’s on the top of my favorite male celeb. he’s my ideal guy. i love his characteristics. he’s not just talented but also has manners. but, i’m not delusional. i don’t think of owning him or saying that he’s my husband. asdfghjkl. hello, hello? what made you say you own him? does he even know you?

i’m glad he was paired up w/ seohyun in WGM. i love hyun. she’s adorable. when the news broke out that they are going to be the new WGM couple, i was one of those people who are extremely happy about it. i really like yonghwa in YAB, and then he debuted with CNBLUE. i also like seohyun, my close friend is her fan. maybe she’s not my favorite in SNSD, but i really really like her. that’s why i find it really interesting that they are going to be a couple. i haven’t seen them yet together before, but when i saw the fantaken pics and fancams, i already felt their chemistry.

i think yong’s really lucky to have seohyun even as his virtual wife. i mean, she’s beautiful, pure, innocent, humble, kind, honest. a lot of guys and even girls admire her. she’s smart, too and very disciplined. that’s why i don’t get why some yonghwa fangirls don’t like her, and even hate her. -.- please enlighten me. what are the reasons why you should hate seohyun? i don’t see any. or maybe i’m just being biased? i don’t know. i love her & yonghwa together. they make a great pair.

maybe, out of jealousy? envy? ‘i wish i was on her shoes’? that’s the reason why you hate her? then, maybe you should reflect on your life. it’s not healthy anymore. you’re already delusional that maybe you need to seek professional help?

it’s not like you can force yonghwa to love or not love somebody. i’ve read some comments of those fangirls. some of them doesn’t like seohyun but are saying that yong’s real girlfriend is his CF partner in Hazzy, han groo. again, WTF?! i don’t know if i read it right, but yeah, maybe some of them thinks of it that way. their reason: because han groo gave yonghwa chocolates on valentine’s day. asdfghjkl. if i and yonghwa were working together on valentine’s day, then i gave him chocolates, does it mean that we’re already a couple?! PFFFFT. then what, if han groo didn’t give yonghwa chocolates when they are working on that date, you start bashing her and saying that she’s rude and disrespectful. yes, she gave yonghwa chocolates because of respect. that’s just it. why are you putting any color to it? (and i don’t think han groo and yonghwa look as good as yongseo together. they lack chemistry, fyi. )

how would you feel if people start calling you ‘that girl’ or ‘those people’? do seohyun fans call yonghwa ‘that cnblue boy’? i don’t remember any instances (please tell me if there is). how would you feel if you read comments about yonghwa on snsd thread saying: ‘that cnblue boy doesn’t suit maknae.. blah blah blah’. yeah, i called you ‘i-want-yonghwa-for-myself’ fans because i don’t know how to address you, and maybe to make you feel what it’s like to be called like that.

what you’re doing to seohyun is rude.
respect people, respect.
maybe this post also lacks respect but because it is due to my love for seohyun and anger to those people who keeps on bashing her.
sorry for being bias but that’s how i feel.
i don’t think seohyun deserves any of your rude words.

i have a lot of more things to say, but this is too long already.
you find it rude, i’m sorry. i’m just tired of reading comments of some yonghwa fangirls bashing seohyun when seohyun doesn’t even do anything bad to them.

i’m not saying all yonghwa fangirls hate seohyun. i said SOME of them. i know there are still a lot of yonghwa fans who like seohyun to be with yong and i’m glad for that. thank you for accepting seohyun as yong’s wife. haha.

again, i’m sorry for being rude but i’m just saying how i feel.
and i said it here, because i don’t want to start any fanwars on forums. lol

kkut. 😀


3 thoughts on “to those ‘i-want-yonghwa-for-myself’ fans:

  1. I’m agree with u too..
    I love the goguma couple too..
    And I felt sad coz many people hate seo just because of this..
    I love seo, she’s my bias in SNSD..
    Seo is the one and only in this world and nobody can have the same manners or attitude like her..
    I love everything on her..

    1. thanks:) i’m glad that we share the same sentiments. yes, seohyun is really adorable, and i believe whoever ends up with her is definitely lucky. (and i wish it would be yong, only yong. XD)
      i don’t want to offend anyone with this post, but i really can’t help not to say those things. reading harsh comments about yongseo, seohyun in particular is making me annoyed. i just wish those could see things in a positive way. i wish they realized by now that they can’t and won’t have yonghwa for themselves. LOL and they should be happy if yong already found a girl he would want to spend the rest of his days with. (and i wish it was seohyun.XDD)

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