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to ‘seohyun-is-forever-innocent-maknae’ fans:

another rant post about yongseo. just to be fair. i’m not really seohyun-biased. i love them both. equally. they’re just too cute together. this is a message to seohyun fanboys. my previous post was for yonghwa fangirls.

to ‘seohyun-is-forever-innocent-maknae’ fans:

please accept yonghwa as seohyun’s virtual husband. i hate seeing tweets and comments saying that yonghwa is not suitable for maknae, some also are saying that he’s ugly. whaaaat?! are you blind or just.. i don’t know. i don’t know why you find yong ugly. he isn’t!! he’s good-looking, charming and everything. he’s the perfect gentleman for maknae. you can’t watch wgm just by looking at hyun. you have to watch yong, too. can’t you see he’s trying his best just to be a good husband to her?

aren’t you grateful to yonghwa for bringing out the other side of seohyun? i mean, it was obviously because of yonghwa that seohyun became more cheerful and more open in expressing her feelings. before, in variety shows that she did with her unnies, she’s very careful of showing her ‘other side’ to the cameras. but in wgm, you can totally see a different seohyun. she became mischievous, playful, and not shy anymore. she became ‘hyun choding’.

isn’t it enough to hear the opinions of her snsd unnies about her being with yonghwa and even her manager approves of yonghwa to be her husband? they’re happy for maknae, and they wanted her to date yonghwa for real (remember taeyeon’s message that she wants yongse to date for real? i bet that’s what she really feels and also what the other unnies think of yongseo. you can also see it in the fancams in gda where they keep on teasing hyun when cnbue won.)

and what is this that you want seohyun to end up with one of her unnies? i bet those unnies want to end up with a fine-looking man and not with one another. hehe. i’m not against yuri(girlXgirl relationship not kwon yuri LOL), but i’m not comfortable with the idea, since i’m a girl. haha. (i like yaoi but boys aren’t comfortable with that idea, you get what i mean?)

if you’re a true fan, you should be happy with what makes your idol happy 🙂 i really think seohyun’s happy when she’s with yonghwa, he makes her laugh, she laughs a lot, she even knows now how to respond to his jokes ^^ so just be happy for her and supports what she wants, ok?

i think that’s it. if ever i have something to add about it, i’ll just make another post. lol

i love yongseo, that’s why i’m saying all these things. i think i’m addicted to them already. gaaaah. ♥


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