random thoughts #1

yonghwa, why are you so skinny these days? you still look good, but man, i miss your look when you still had brown hair and you have 9kg extra weight. and it has nothing to do with your black hair and you wearing white shirts or white long sleeves. you are really skinny these days. 😦 are you upset that you’re not filming wgm anymore with your lovely buin?

i’m upset, too. i love yongseo couple too much.
but why am i not losing weight just like you? heh. am i not stressed enough? fuuuuuu.

i already finished doing the ppt in auditing. my mind’s floating. everything i read for economics earlier are gone. i can’t find it inside my head anymore. gaaah

i’m excited for cnblue’s full length album. i want it.
i love jonghyun’s voice ♥ but yonghwa’s voice = eargasm LOL

fans who are against idol dating: seems like you don’t like you’re idol to be happy, huh. you’re just thinking of your own happiness. i don’t get. -.-


2 thoughts on “random thoughts #1

  1. I like your posts..
    I’m a yongseo shipper and BOICE too..
    I love yonghwa, seohyun, minhyuk, jonghyun and Jungshin-the Nation Chingoo 😀

    1. thank you~ 🙂 i hope we can be friends, i’m maylet btw. nice to meet you, shara? where are you from? ^^

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