umeepal lang · YongSeo Couple

i can’t help it.

this is another rant.
you know, today.. it’s yongseo’s 400th day!!
but then, sad.. because they are going to leave wgm soon. T_______T my weekly dose of yongseo eps will be gone and i can’t take it. ;___________;

and what’s this.. comments all over twitter.
the fans (like me) are upset with the fact of yongseo’s divorce. then i get to read comments of antis/hamburgers rejoicing the end of yongseo.

come on people, why can’t you be nice even just for a day?!

this comment is sooooo ridiculous:
“Hooray! finally no more yongseo! Seohyun go back to your 8 sisters now<3"

WTF?! isn't she already with her 8 sisters even when she's doing WGM?
SNSD spend most of their time together, they live in the same dorm, they are with each other almost 24/7. so what do you mean that after her wgm stint, she's going back to her 8unnies?!

and there's also a comment about the end of seohyun's slavery?! ASDFGHJKL. being someone's virtual wife is slavery? you're so cruel people, cruel. can't you see she's happy when she's filming WGM? when did she feel she's a slave? DUH! ridiculous!

another one:
"Why am i soooo happy about this news? finally the end of the boring couple! i know yonghwa is MINE!"

CRAZY BCH. -____________-; you’re making me laugh with your delusional self.

/i should be studying right now yet i'm venting my anger here. adhsjkfkdgk. i don't have a life. pffft.


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