step by step, 123, dipdip daridu~

i’m happy today:)
thankful. heehee. thankful that my professor in economics gave me a lot of chance to prove myself. ^-^
i can do it, if i put effort in doing it. heee~

i took the exam in economics last friday, and i wasn’t confident enough with my answers. i thought i screwed up, again. my mind totally went blank. but i know i get to answer some of the questions, because i remember it. but, i really had a hard time remembering some terms, and it’s even harder to express myself in the discuss part of the exam.
then, yesterday, a classmate sent a message that our professor wants to talk to me asap. i was already at home at that time, so i wasn’t able to go to uni and talk to her. i was so scared of her because i already had some ‘traumatic’ experience that i encountered with her.

i was always absent on her class, yeah i know, my fault. i’m such a bad student. that’s why every time i go to her class, she always asks me.. ‘are you one of our classmates?’ eh.
because i was always absent on her subject, she clearly remember my face already! i thought it was the opposite, but not.

when she saw me earlier, i really thought she was going to scold me again, just like the last time when she was really angry at me for getting such a low mark on the exam. but when i approached her, she was calm and told me she will show my exam paper, she was wondering why i passed 2 papers with the same content. i was surprised, i didn’t realized that i also passed the first paper i’ve written that i needed to rewrite because it was full of erasure. good thing, she understood that it was just rewritten. and whoah! i passed the exam! i made it! i had a passing score! woohoo. and she said i’m already cleared. i passed her subject! i almost cried. LOL

this day, she proved to me that she’s not scary after all. she’s really really nice, and just want us to prove our worth. she’s not giving up on us, and endlessly giving us the chance to work hard. i think i love her, really. XD i’m still scared of her, for being strict and snob sometimes, but i’ll never forget her. she’s one of the professors that i look up to. 😀 thank you, ma’am. ^^


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