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001 – Jung Yong Hwa

i don’t have anything to do today. i decided to do a picspam. :))

featuring JUNG YONG HWA

as of now, yonghwa’s on top of my list. hahaha. yea yea. he’s my ideal man. most of the qualities i like in a guy, he has it! 😀

: good-looking/charismatic/manly/great singer/great at playing guitar/rapper/plays basketball really well/knows how to cook!/a bit childish/etc etc etc.

i love him with seohyun. ♥ they suit each other best *a certified yongseo fangirl here. ^^*

anyways, ideal is just an ideal, right?and.. lovely minhyuk is still my favorite in cnblue 😀 but i’m confused right now cause i also love jonghyun and jungshin… uhmm. i love them all. XDDD



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