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random thoughts # 2

i don’t know. but as of now, i still can’t stand seeing yonghwa being paired with other girls except for seohyun. i’m so hooked with yongseo that it’s not even healthy anymore. 어떡해?! >_=D

LOL just to get back at yonghwa….. XD

kyuhyun & seohyun, minho & seohyun, jinwoon & seohyun…
i wish to see them 😀 so it would be fair. LOLOLOL. and i love seeing jealous!yonghwa.

i also wanna ship seohyun & her Brother-in-laws sometimes. X))
i think they really like seohyun, and takes good care of her.
so if yonghwa acted cold towards her, or appear to have interest on other girls than seohyun, the BILs should try to make a move. LOL maybe minhyuk will tell yonghwa that he likes seohyun then yonghwa will realized he doesn’t really wanna let go of hyun and be brave to tell her how he feels. bwahahahhahahaha. this is getting out of hand.

i also wanna ship seohyun with soccer player, ki sung yeong :)) he’s cute! he looked like minhyuk. haha.

i still can’t watch heartstrings when it started airing. i watched the teasers. the first teaser which featured yong only. uhmmm. i still see him as shinwoo when he acts. haha. that’s why i love seeing yonghwa in reality shows. i love when he’s not acting and he’s just showing his real self. you’ll know when he’s just acting. i also watched the 2nd teaser, where he and park shin hye are like looking shyly?? at each other.. i don’t know. but they don’t give me the impression that they like or in love with each other. i mean, they look good together, no doubt about that but i can’t see them romantically involved to each other anymore. i only see them as friend. and it grossed me out to watch yong act like that, except to seohyun LOL i’m so biased.

but seokyu’s duet of ‘way back into love’ in SM Town in paris is cute! hihi. seohyun looked awkward, still with other guys but it’s ok. hahahah. they’re voices blend so well 🙂

just random thoughts floating in my head right now. xD
i know i’m out of my mind.

am i being unfair to yonghwa? am i being too seohyun-biased? =))


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