i like this pair eversince they started performing together on Party Pilipinas, but it's only these past few weeks that i got addicted to them. addicted, just like how i was addicted to kangteuk and yongseo XD;

young.: they are both 17 years old. 
talented: they can sing, act, rap, dance, play different instruments, etc!
they are both good-looking, too 🙂 and very dedicated to their work.
they are known in the industry since they're little.: Elmo Magalona, being a son of the Master Rapper Francis M., while Julie Anne San Jose was a contestant in a singing competition on TV and later became a member of the group called Sugarpop.
and as of now, they're making a name, not only as a tandem but also individually. 🙂

Julie Anne is now known as a 'Youtube sensation' because her covers of hit songs earned thousands and millions of views. There's her cover of Nicki Minaj' song 'Super Bass' which as of now has 5,505,556 views, and her version of Price Tag by Jessie J now has 1,896,097. and still earning more views.while Elmo became a trending topic worldwide because of his performance of 'Teach me how to dougie' in Eat Bulaga.

they have this chemistry that you simply can't deny. 🙂

this is where it all started :  Pyramid – JuliElmo on Party Pilipinas 05/30/2010

their short film – RED MASK

Part 1 + All I Have
Part 2 + Knock You Down
Part 3 + Got your back

their rap musical – Elmo and Julie Anne : A Wazak Love Story

Act I – Part 1
Act I – Part 2
Act II – Part 1
Act II – Part 2
Act III – Part 1
Act III – Part 2

some of my fav performances featuring them 😉 *in no particular order*

Lighters 07/10/2011
All About Him 06/26/2011
True 08/07/2011
Look at me now 09/04/2011
Right Here Waiting 07/17/2011
Alive 11/28/2010
Dilemma 08/10/2011
On the Floor
Falling in Love – JuliElmo and LeanArkin 09/11/2011

credits to the respective owners of the pics + links of the vids i used.


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