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unrequited crush.

this unrequited feelings will forever haunt me.

i can still remember the day when i first knew you exist. i don’t even know who you are and i didn’t know that you will be a part of my memories. i just know you are someone good-looking (even when i still haven’t met you) because my close friend likes you, a lot. they said you are nice, you are not like any other guys around our age. you were timid and polite.

i came to know more about you when another close friend of mine told us that you were mutually attracted to each other. you were a part of an organization where you spent a lot of time together. that’s also the first time i saw you. and they were right, you are really handsome. 🙂 you were attractive and looks really nice. it seems like how they describe you is true.

we were never introduced. we never met personally. most of my friends know you, but there was never a time when we have an encounter. i only saw you from afar.

it’s not like i don’t like it, but yeah. that’s the only way to admire you. from a distance. i always jokingly say to my friends that i’m your stalker. would you believe that? i guess it’s true. i’m always updated with what’s going on with your life. but you don’t know that i even exist.

to me, it’s like you’re another celebrity that i admire.

i don’t know how my feelings for you started. at first, i like your appearance because you remind me of my favorite boyband member. as time goes by, whenever i hear stories about you, i came to know you more and these feelings developed to something more. i don’t think it’s love but i’m sure it’s between like and love.

i always believe you are my soulmate. hahaha. whenever i think if there’s a chance i could see you, you always appear near me. and i don’t think it’s just a coincidence. it’s fate? i don’t know if God permits, but it always surprises me to find you in times that i thought impossible to get a glimpse of you.


hopeless admiration = 6 years and counting.. 😀


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