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yongseo shipping

i wrote this 2yrs ago. but wasn’t able to post it…so it’s still incomplete.

btw, i still ship yongseo up til now 🙂 yongseo yongwonhara!

come to think of it.. technically,yonghwa is seohyun’s first boyfriend. even if it’s just make-believe/virtual couple/they’re just paired for the sake of entertainment but all the things they did in the show seems real. seohyun experienced some of her first with yonghwa. first couple ring, first piggyback ride, first trip on a train just to see the sunrise, and a lot more. yong was the first guy to be THAT close to seohyun aside from her father. even some of his oppa and male friends at sm weren’t able to get close to her like how yong did. yong’s lucky to be paired with her to be some of her first neh? consider it as her first romance. =D

why would they wear the couple rings even outside the show if they only think of wgm as a job? i like how they are strangers at first, then became very close to each other as time pass by.

what are the things that made me think that yongseo are meant for each other?

-many idol groups members and celebrities chose them as their ideal type 😀
for Seohyun, she had a lot of idol fanboys kkk. 2AM Jinwoon is, i think, her biggest idol fanboy. He always states this on his interviews, when he was asked who’s his ideal girl, the answer will always be Seohyun, even until the time that hyun’s status is married (even if it’s just virtually, but it was brave for jinwoon to say that seohyun is still his ideal girl xD)
I also remember watching 2PM’s Idol Army, the ep when SNSD was their guest. Junsu chose seohyun and even said the line, “Right now, it’s Seohyun’s Generation (Jigeumun Seohyun Shidae 지금은 서현시대)”. I think he’s also a fan of seohyun. There’s also Shinee’s Minho, Beast’s Dongwoon & Yoseob, Super Junior Leader Leeteuk, soccer player Ki Sung Yeong, K.Will etc.. too many to mention. :))
Yong is also popular with idol girl group members and female celebrities. He was frequently chosen as an ideal man, even before his stint in WGM. After School members Nana, Lizzy & Raina picked him as their ideal man. Even Sunye of Wonder Girls, (i remember a clip from KBS2 winwin when sunye said she likes yonghwa, taeyeon immediately said yong is already owned by someone! hahaha. and yes, she meant that yong is married to her dongsaeng hyun XD how clever of taeyeon for saying that. i love her ♥). Kim So Yeon also chose yong for ideal guy. Another is Eunjung of T-ara.(but she’s married now to Lee Jangwoo) Oh! even his sister-in-law chose him, before he got married to her dongsaeng, well i’m talking about Hyoyeon XD seems like hyo really likes yonghwa back then. In SGB, she chose him for the guy who she wants to introduce to her parents. lol


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