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opinion 101 – julielmo

i don’t label myself as a fan or an “adik” to julielmo. i’m more of a shipper. it means that i ship them, because they have an over-flowing chemistry, and i don’t really care to some issues surrounding their tandem.

for me, they look best when they’re together. they look best when they’re paired with each other (just don’t do excessive showing of affection, like too much hugging or kissing that looked like it was forced).

you’ll see or feel their chemistry even when they just stand next to each other.

(so i can’t understand why some people can’t see this. there are spark, people! chemistry!)

i have seen a lot of love teams, and Julielmo is one of those pairs that has natural chemistry.

i’m just wondering why their network or management can’t see that.

they tend to promote other love teams and ignore the calls of the fans for a julielmo tv series. (more of like musical tv series)

i know that these two should do more workshop, gahhhd i watched their movie and they still lack the acting chops but they are talented and i’m sure if given a chance to do a workshop with a great acting mentor, they’ll be great in an instant!

and please, don’t blame the outcome of the movie just to the pair alone. bad promotions and bad timing is a huge factor to why it didn’t do well in the box office.

i’m really disappointed that Julielmo are not given the opportunity or the support that they should get based on their talents & chemistry.

i read some comments saying that it was elmo’s fault since he’s very picky on the projects that he’ll do. (i don’t know if it’s true, but i’m disappointed).

some are saying that the fans are at fault because they are too demanding & they force the pair to love each other just for their sake.

you can’t erase the fact that it’s a fan’s trait to want their idols to end up together (i am guilty of that… yongseo! ugh!) but remember, too much is bad.

julielmo doesn’t need to love each other for real for them to look sweet on-screen. like what i said earlier, they have natural chemistry that they don’t need to act sweet towards each other, they can still look compatible, just like John Lloyd & Bea Alonzo.

i’m just wondering if Alkris (aljur abrenica & kris bernal) has a strong fanbase just like julielmo’s?

GMA Network seems supportive of their love team that they always make them team-up for a new series.

(from what i read before, their movie isn’t also successful in the box office. Just One Summer even gained more than them.)

But the management strongly promotes their love team, and give them good opportunities. (and they even allow them to have partners in real life, and not force them to be together for real)

i’m not a hater. i’m just saying my opinion.

i just need to get these things out my head.


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