Aldub · EYECANDY♥ · Series (Filipino)

ALDUB (i love) this kind of entertainment!

so what’s keeping me from fangirling over shinhwa these past 3 months?

well, it’s ALDUB & Kalyeserye!

yup, i must say i’m such a fan of the show, the three lolas and the tandem! 🙂 ever since i saw the video of their first day, i knew i was going to be hooked on them. they’re so cute & they have this undeniable chemistry.. even on split screens!

day 1.mp4_000025106

what is ALDUB? well it’s a portmanteau of ‘AL’den & Yaya ‘DUB’, the characters from the “Kalyeserye” segment of Juan for All, All for Juan in Eat Bulaga. you can actually search for it in google and they will take you to its wikipedia page.

ALDUB is different from the usual ‘love team’ here in the Philippines. It’s accidental, not planned, the viewers are the one who saw their potential as a team. They haven’t really been beside each other for so long but even in split screens they have unbelievable chemistry that surpasses any formulaic onscreen couples formed on Philippine TV nowadays. The last time i became a fan of a love team was with Julielmo. Sadly their potential wasn’t maximized.


I kinda regret that i haven’t really paid attention to Alden Richards until ALDUB came. Well, i often see him on TV because our family is always tuned in to GMA7. Maybe because he’s younger and i just find him cute but i think something’s missing. Or maybe because his image is that of a good boy that i find him kinda boring before.

But ever since he became a part of Eat Bulaga, they showed his fun side, especially when he & Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub became a ‘love team’.


Maine Mendoza playing as Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora’s assistant, is supposed to be a comedic character just like Wally Bayola’s characters of Doktora Dora the Explorer and Lola Nidora. Her character doesn’t speak but only answers with dubbing of famous dialogues and few lines of songs which btw she does perfectly and hilariously. (Which is not surprising why she is tagged as the “Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines”, she was discovered through her collection of dubsmash videos).

day 45 - 1.mp4_000338094

But she really has the potential to be a star. She has the talents: she can sing, dance, act, play drums, etc.etc. She can make wacky & weird poses yet still look pretty.

One of the things i love about ‘ALDUB’ & Kalyeserye, maybe because they remind me of my favorite Korean variety/reality shows, especially We Got Married. The events that will happen are already planned out by the writers and creative team but the reaction & adlibs by the characters are all natural. There are also a panel of hosts in the studio that are watching them, but the difference is that in kalyeserye the hosts can interact with the characters in the remote area, which makes it more fun.


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