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it’s never too late.

i was so skeptical about him before.. maybe because he’s too good to be true. i don’t really watch his interviews, thinking he’s just like any other male celebrities nowadays. yes, i am judgmental like that. thanks to Eat Bulaga & this ALDUB Phenomenon that I now see Alden Richards in a different light.



i tried to watch his past and recent interviews, and i must say that i’m impressed with how he answers the question and his views on life. He’s a God-fearing & hardworking man, a rare one to find these days. I also read some articles about him and have seen some interviews with people he works closely with and all they say are good praises about him.




I think at the present time, he’s the definition of a matinee idol in Philippine entertainment. A celebrity that you would love to admire because of his looks & personalities, but despite his popularity, he remains to be a humble & polite guy.

so now, every time i see a pic of him, i can’t help but *sigh* /spazz XD jahjdhsfk that’s how speechless i am, because of how cute & handsome he is. ok, before i really don’t fangirl over guys that are younger than me *uh-oh yess i’m older than alden but only for few years* but now, i don’t mind. hahahahhh i am his fan now. his & maine’s fan. aldub ftw! 🙂

too bad, we weren’t able to watch his show when he went here in my hometown. the place where the show was held was jam-packed! a lot of people came to see him. we would love to see him, too at that time, but we were not really that eager to go through that pile of people just to get a glimpse of him. but still, sayang! makikita din namin sya.. sa tamang panahon 😛


[the title? it’s never too late.. to be an alden fangirl LOL]

[yes… this is an ‘alden richards appreciation post’]

[i’ll talk about maine mendoza next time, there’s also a lot of things to talk about her, how awesome she is,  later, in another entry.]

[i’ll also try to do an aldub appreciation post again.]

[busy busy fangirling over aldub… hihi]

//credits to the respective owner of the photos. 🙂



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