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one thing that i notice whenever i meet someone that i’m attracted to is that i am always scared to look back at him, to smile back at him, to talk to him.

maybe because i always fear rejection.

i always think ahead that no, he doesn’t really like me, he’s just being nice.

there’s always uncertainty.

and so my actions will always threw him off, because he’ll think he doesn’t have a chance or i am too aloof and maybe he’s also afraid of rejection.

or is it just assumption?

but won’t you feel that way when he can’t take his eyes off you even from afar? and he’ll always make sure that you’ll notice him? or he’ll be eager to talk to you? and will always look interested in whatever you do?

hmmm baka masyado lang talaga akong assumera.


2 thoughts on “scared

    1. are you experiencing the same thing? =( it’s hard to tell right? especially if you don’t want to appear assuming, if only people can tell what they really feel honestly.

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