maine star.


maine mendoza.

this girl, i believe, is really destined to be a star.

a lady who is very talented and blessed but very humble. she’s not like most girls nowadays. although you can say she’s still a typical girl at her age, but i believe that she’s very special.

at first i thought she’s older than me, maybe because of her make up or her look in her dubsmash videos. but then i realized that the more you watch her, the more you’ll see that she’s still very young especially without make up. she also still think like a kid sometimes ^^; but she can also be very mature, her thoughts and attitude are way more mature than people who are older than her.


one thing i love about her is that she’s never afraid to show her true self. she’s very funny, and honest, too. she can be quite frank that’s why she’s misunderstood most of the times (esp by those people who’s really on standby just to catch her make a mistake -.-) but i understand her and i can totally relate to her, because it’s too hard to express what you really feel in words. just like what i’m doing now, i think i have a lot more to say about her but i can’t fully express it.

this girl is really talented but not yet confident about the things she can do. she can hold a tune, if she’ll have a voice lesson, she’ll be a good singer! she can also dance gracefully. and definitely can act. she can also play a bit of drums. and she can write a poem and a novel. she’s really good in writing articles in her blog. her thoughts are really interesting. plus that she’s really entertaining in social media and she’s not afraid to make fun of herself. (she makes weird faces but still looks very pretty)

i’m glad that she and alden met and became a blessing to each other.maybe God made a way for them to meet because they are both beautiful people inside and out.

tomorrow is her birthday, and i hope she’ll have more blessings and fruitful years in showbiz. although she’s just starting, she already had a lot of achievements. so i hope it’ll continue. and may God bless her and alden more. they deserve the success and the love from the fans. 🙂

happy birthday maine! and happy 33rd weeksary aldub! ♥


[yes. this is a maine mendoza appreciation post.]

//credits to the respective owner of the photos. thank you 🙂


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