he’s coming back

i heard he’s coming back. i don’t know if it’s true. but i heard his name and they said he’s coming over.

why? does he really need to come back?

i’m not really sure if i want to see him again.

if i am thrilled to see his face again.

i don’t trust… myself. seeing him up close, for sure i’ll lose my composure. blush will easily creep up to my face. and it will stay there for a long time.. time of his stay.

i don’t want to get embarrassed in front of him. i’m sure that they will try to tease us just like the old times. and i don’t want any of that.

they always tell me i’m not a good liar. i’m very transparent with my feelings. that’s why i’m scared to be in front of him again. or to see him in front of other people.

i really hope if i’ll see him again, i’ll forget that i used to like him.



but i can still clearly remember his scent. 😦 *sigh*


/forever hopeless when it comes to love.


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