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dear you who came and left.

dear you,

if you ever get to read this…. but i bet you won’t.

yes. i didn’t forget you. i didn’t forget the things about you. i even remember how good you smell every time you enter the room. i remember your laugh. i remember your voice. i remember how you look. i remember how you smile.

i didn’t forget the way you encourage me. i didn’t forget that you manage to make me believe in myself. i didn’t forget that you think i was smart, and that i can do everything you taught me in a single period of time.

i didn’t forget the small details.

i even remember the way you greeted me, and said that the start of the day must be nice because you see me smiling while i greet you good morning.

i even remember when they tease you of trying to bully me, cause i was a bit of a pushover, and naive at that time. and you told them it’s impossible. cause you think of us as a team.

i even remember when you told them that i can be the reason to make you stay.

yes, i remember all that.

but i bet you forget all that.

you may even forget how i look like. you may even forget my name. you never asked how i was and assumed that i left.

to you, i might be just someone you know in a place you had pass by. but to me, you were a part of my memories.

to you, it might be just for fun having said all that. but to me, i took it to heart and somehow made me feel happy.

..but i didn’t have the courage to tell you all of these things.

and i won’t have the courage to do so.

my last memory of you would be….

you didn’t even dare to look me in the eye when you said goodbye.

i hope you’re happy. and i hope i can finally move on from this misery.


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