chusaness · oh!life

what i feel

can i just be honest with them and tell them straight that everytime they try to set me up with someone.. i feel insulted instead of grateful. i feel their mockery instead of concern. i don’t feel that they’re really worried that i won’t end up with someone. i only feel that they’re laughing at me behind my back. everytime they try to ask a new guy if he’s single & what is his age, then turn to me to give an idea that maybe me & that new guy could date… i just.. ugh. i hate it. i hate that feeling.

they always tell me that i shouldn’t be choosy. but isn’t it your right to choose whoever you’re going to spend your life with?! isn’t it important to be satisfied with your choice & choose what makes you happy instead of being contented of what is in your reach?!

i always keep this in mind: i am a hopeless romantic. and i’d rather end up alone forever than be with just anyone just to prove everyone that i’m not going to end up alone.

i’m tired of hearing it from them. that i should take the risk, go on dates & should find someone at this moment.

but i don’t feel comfortable with it. it feels like a torture.

but how would i find someone if i won’t take the risk?

i pray & just wait. if God thinks i’m not supposed to be with someone, i already accepted my fate long ago.

cause i believe that what’s meant to be will always, always find its way.


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