I’m exactly what I’m supposed to be.

26. a fangirl since 1995. from the beatles to eraserheads to introvoyz to UMD to streetboys to backstreet boys to n*sync to spice girls to moffatts to westlife to m2m to a1 to tvxq to sandwich to my chemical romance to super junior to cnblue to shinhwa to aldub/maichard and so on, and so forth. lol

loves to talk non-sense, random, whatever things.
a procrastinator. anime/manga otaku. kdrama addict. rockstar wannabe. frustrated writer.

ricsyung, yongseo, kangteuk, yunjae, aldub/maichard shipper ♥

living in my own world. built walls surrounding me.
introvert. slightly anti-social.

POKERFACE = defense mechanism.

i like… (in no particular order)

  • maki / rice rolls
  • singing (i’m confident singing in karaoke/ktv)
  • anime’ anime’ anime’ sssssss
  • kkotminams / flower boys
  • playing the guitar
  • chibi characters
  • kim hee chul ♥
  • pringles
  • carbonara
  • kpop
  • dogs & cats
  • cute things!
  • song joong ki ♥
  • orange (shinhwa-stan here)
  • dancing
  • reading AU fanfics
  • concert DVDs & photobooks!
  • fav OTPs ♥ luhluhluhhhh
  • ALDUB! (Alden & Maine) or MAICHARD (Nicomaine & Richard)
  • reading manga
  • watching korean variety/reality shows
  • angst with happy ending.
  • LEVI of Shingeki no Kyojin
  • funny situations

i don’t like… (again, in no particular order)

  • uncomfortable situations
  • menstrual cramps & mood swings (pfffft -.-)
  • speaking in front of a large crowd
  • lame acting
  • periodic table or memorizing chemical symbols errrrr
  • serious discussions XD

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